Volunteered at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery again this morning, the 9-1 bottling shift.  Started off putting cases together to pack the Hoplars in after bottling.  Then I got stationed at the labeler even though the guy who was caging hadn’t done it before (I got that down last time).  Some guy at the bottling line dropped 2 Hoplar bottles in a row- rough morning.  My first time working there we bottled a whole 4 layer pallet of beer, this time they only got about 2 layers.
      Labeling wasn’t too bad at all, went super fast.  The first pic is the labeling machine- just put a bottle on a rubber roller, that was always spinning, and hit the foot pedal so it spits the label on it.  Then I picked it up, made sure the edge was all the way against bottle, and put it back into the case.  Some cases had the bottles packed in them upside down so had to take all bottles out and fix the case before I could seal the case, stamp the date on case, and label it Hoplar with the Sharpie- then it was onto the pallet!
     The 2nd pic is about halfway through labeling.  I got through labeling a whole pallet   of the Hoplar- which is 48 cases or 576 bottles- all by myself.  Can see this in last picture as well as Hardywood’s 2 brand new, huge fermentation tanks in the background right.  Finished the whole pallet in 3.25 hours so I got to clean up and leave early.  Got paid again with 2 beers, this time I picked out the Hoplar IIPA and a bottle of Mocha Belgique.  Now I know how to label beers there; just keep adding to my brewery skills.